Vocabulary & Flashcards

New vocab is located in two places – in Lists where you can see the entire group of new words, with examples, definitions (sometimes in Spanish, but not always), and in Flashcards which you need to download to your Flashcards Deluxe app and which you should use daily to learn the new vocabulary.

The app is called Flashcards Deluxe, and you can find out more about it here.

Remember to make the order of your Flashcards RANDOM before you start to play with them.


List Name & Link Level Flashcards Deck Name Spanish Translations
Subjects, Objects, Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns A1 Subject_Object_Possessive No
25 Essential Verbs A1 25_Essential_Verbs Yes
25 Essential Verbs – Phrases A1 25_Essential_Verbs_Phrases Yes
50 Irregular Past Verbs A1 50_Irregular_Past_Verbs Yes
50 Irregular Verbs – Past Affirmative, Question, Negative A1 Quiz_Past_Irregular_PNQ Yes
20 Participle Adjective Pairs (-ED & -ING) A2 20_Participle_Adjective_Pairs Yes
25 Elementary Phrasal Verbs A2 25PhrasalVerbsA1 Yes
30 Negatives A2 30_Negatives_A2 No
25 Intermediate Phrasal Verbs B1 25PhrasalVerbsB1 No
30 Verbs & Dependent Prepositions B1 30_Verb_Prepositions_B1 No
25 Adjectives & Dependent Prepositions B1 25_Adjective_Prepositions No
15 Useful Idioms B2 15_Useful_Idioms No