Oral Class Framework

Unless it is your first class, you will probably be asked to choose the topic yourself – either from a list/selection of topics, or from a specific webpage / library. We will talk about the topic for up to 30 minutes, and if there is time left your teacher will introduce another oral exercise to continue with. The objective is to talk as much as possible, and to ask as many questions as you need to.

Some useful resources include:

You should prepare some written notes in your WB which you will use during the class. These notes must not be full sentences but what you do write must be good quality and without elementary errors. In addition to writing these notes.

Your homework activity also includes finding 2 or 3 interesting idioms / pieces of vocabulary to include in the conversation – highlight these in your WB notes. Of course if you have any doubts about anything you should ask your teacher at least one day before the class is due.


Below is a list of questions about your chosen topic / article / clip that you should be able to talk about during the class. The answers to these questions will inform your note-making before class.



Introducing the piece : 5 minutes

  1. Why did you choose the topic?
  2. What is the topic about?
  3. Describe the article briefly (prepare to talk for about 2 minutes about this).


Your experience of the piece : 5 minutes

  1. Mention the most interesting / surprising information.
  2. Explain the reaction / feelings that you had to what you have read / listened to / watched.
  3. Prepare 5-10 questions to ask either the author or other people mentioned in the piece.


What happens next? : 5 minutes (optional)

Speculate on how the future would be different if things were done differently in the present, or about how things might have been done differently in the past if we had known what we know now.