Exercise: Articles


I have  ___ uncle who lives in  ___ home for  ___ elderly. He is  ___  honest man. He used to be  ___  FBI agent. He once saved  ___  one-year-old boy from  ___  fire. He has many interesting stories.

He told me that he once met  ___  alien from  ___  space. This alien didn’t need  ___  oxygen to live; it didn’t have  ___ nose. That’s  ___  hard story to believe. I’m not sure he was telling me  ___  truth. Maybe he isn’t so honest, after all.

___ stress can make ___  life unpleasant. In  ___  day, I work at ___  office.  ___ people I work with are busy, and  ___  work we do isn’t easy.

When I drive to  ___  work, usually  ___  highways are really busy. If there’s  ___  accident during  ___  rush hour, it can be  ___  chaos on the roads.

I don’t watch  ___  TV. I get  ___  information and  ___  news, etc., from  ___  Internet. I don’t often go to  ___  cinema, either. I’m interested in  ___  finance. I heard  ___  Euro is losing value, compared to ___  US dollar.

I like Japan. ___ crime is quite low there. When I fly to Japan, I usually fly to  ___  Narita Airport. The last time I was in Japan, I climbed  ___ Mount Fuji. It was fun. I am tall. __ Japanese are generally shorter than I am.