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Reading: Memory

Are you good at remembering things? Can you remember a long list of English vocabulary quickly and easily? If the answer to these two questions is ‘no,’ help may be at hand. A new...


Reading: Travel Guide – California (B1)

  Travel Guide – Associated Exercises Travel Guide – Downloadable Article Travel Guide – Answers   Original Content:


Reading: Time For An Adventure (B1)

  Adventure Travel – Holiday Brochure (PDF) Adventure Travel – Exercises (PDF) Adventure Travel – Answers (PDF) Original Content:


Reading: A Walk In The Woods (B1)

Tuesday Going through the forest is my favourite part of the walk. Benji loves it too. There are rabbits to run after and old leaves to smell. Benji’s my dog, by the way, and...


Reading: The Text Message (B1)

Amy normally hated Monday mornings, but this year was different. Kamal was in her art class and she liked Kamal. She was waiting outside the classroom when her friend Tara arrived. “Hi Amy! Your...