Reading: UFO (A2)

From time to time we can see strange lights in the night’s dark sky. Lights, which have different shapes, sizes and colours.

As for UFOs, according to the people who have seen them, they appear in the sky like a red ball, but by day, they look like the photo above.

One story describes a man, who was driving on an isolated road and saw a strange thing that was descending from the sky. It came close to the ground near his car. The man tried to avoid it. He stopped the car and parked on one side. He was amazed, he could see a big, grey, round spaceship, resting on the side of the road near his car.

Suddenly, a door opened in the front of the UFO and a short green alien got out of it. The alien came nearer to the car. The man was completely surprised and a little scared.

Later, when he woke up, he was in another part of the country, driving his car. He couldn’t remember what happened at the time when the UFO approached. He was surprised and didn’t know where he was driving to. He felt something strange in his chest. When he opened his shirt, he saw a strange mark, which, afterwards disappeared. He told his story to the newspapers but nobody believed him.


Answer the questions.

A – What do UFO’s look like according to the article?

B – What was the man doing?

C – What did he see?

D – What was the UFO doing?

E – Who came out of the UFO?

F – What did the alien do?

G – What did the man remember?

H – What happened when the man woke up?

I – How did he feel?

J – What did he do next?

K – Did anybody believe his story?


Reading: What Are Banks? (A2)

Banks are places where people can keep their money. Most people use banks to save money in their savings accounts and to pay money from their checking accounts. Today, when a person earns money from their job, their paycheck is often electronically deposited (put) into their savings or checking account. Then, he or she can pay their bills by writing checks from their checking accounts or pay online where their bills are electronically connected to their bank accounts.

Banks also give loans to people. Banks use the money that their customers deposit to lend to people to buy new houses, cars, or to start businesses among other reasons. The bank makes money from lending by charging interest. In other words, people have to pay back more than they borrowed. This amount depends on how risky the bank thinks the borrower is and how fast the loan is paid back among other things.