Audiobook (B1): Lorna Doone

One winter’s day in 1673 young John Ridd is riding home from school, across the wild lonely hills of Exmoor. He has to pass Doone valley – a dangerous place, as the Doones are famous robbers and murderers. All Exmoor lives in fear of the Doones. At home there is sad news waiting for young John, and he learns that he has good reason to hate the Doones. But in the years to come he meets Lorna Doone, with her lovely smile and big dark eyes. And soon he is deeply, hopelessly, in love . . .

Audiobook (B1): Psycho

Psycho-1960-film-streaming-italiano-in-alta-definizione-gratisSecretary Marion Crane is on the run after stealing $40,000 from her employer in order to run away with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis. She is overcome by exhaustion during a heavy rainstorm.
Traveling on the back roads to avoid the police, she stops for the night at the Bates Motel and meets the polite but very tense owner Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), a young man with an interest in taxidermy and a difficult relationship with his mother…

Listening Activity: Trains & Travel

First, listen to this audio file then complete the following activities


Activity 1

Match the vocabulary with the correct definition:

platform  a small piece of paper to allow you to use a train or bus
ticket the place in a train station where people get on and get off trains
single (ticket) a ticket to travel to a place but not to travel back.
return (ticket) a ticket to travel to a place and back again.
Activity 2

Where does each person want to go?

Oxford Manchester London
Cambridge Exeter
Listening A: The speaker wants to go to _______________
Listening B: The speaker wants to go to _______________
Listening C: The speaker wants to go to _______________
Listening D: The train is going to _______________
Listening E: The passengers want to go to _______________

Activity 3
  1. Which platform does the 10:15 train to Cambridge leave from?
  2. How much is a single ticket to Manchester? (e.g. 15.95)
  3. Which platform does the 12:30 train to Manchester leave from?
  4. What time does the train arrive at Exeter?
  5. What time is the train back to London?
  6. Which platform does the train back to London leave from?

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Listening Activity: Free time

Listen to Tyrone calling the staff at his local swimming pool..

Exercise 1: Complete the Registration Form with the correct information:

  • Name:
  • Surname:
  • Age:
  • Interested in (sport):


Exercise 2: Check your understanding, are the sentences true or false?

1. There are four different age groups that play water polo.
2. Tyrone wants to join the under 14s club.
3. The under 16s water polo team train three times a week.
4. The under 16s train on Monday and Thursday.
5. Water polo matches are played on Saturdays.
6. You have to pay to join the water polo classes for under 18s.
7. You need to bring a photo to register at the swimming pool.
8. Training for the water polo team starts this week.


Transcript: Free Time

Original Content:

Reading: The Scotland Camping Trip

Here are the instructions for next weekend’s camping trip in Scotland. There are seventeen people going on this trip so it’s important that you arrive at the meeting point early enough for us to be able to leave at 8am. There will be two minibuses and please make sure you are on the right one. Last week’s e-mail gave all this information.

wild-camping-scotlandWe should arrive in the camping area at about 2pm, which will give us enough time to buy the food we need in the local supermarket and then go to the area where we will set up the tents, which is a long way from town.There will be a total of four large tents put up and each tent will have a tent leader, a person who went on this trip last year and therefore has the necessary experience. If you have any problems during the two days, you should always go directly to your tent leader and speak to him/her. We are not expecting there to be very bad weather this weekend in Scotland, but the weather situation in the Scottish hills is always very unpredictable and for this reason, we have advised everyone to take wet weather clothing with you. If windy, stormy weather arrives at the camping area, it may also be necessary to leave the hills and go down into the town.

It’s very likely that your phones will not work in the hills, so you must warn your parents of this. You will be able to use your phones when we are in the town, but not when we are camping.

If you have any other questions about the trip, come either to me or Mrs. Sanderson.


Answer the questions choosing either True, False or Not Stated if the information is not included in the reading.

1. This letter is from a teacher.
not stated

2. Instructions about the minibuses will be in a future e-mail.
not stated

3. The tents will be set up near the supermarket.
not stated

4. Some of the people going camping this year also went last year.
not stated

5. There was very bad weather on the camping trip last year.
not stated

6. Wet weather clothing can be hired in the town.
not stated

7. Nobody can use their phone during the trip.
not stated







  1. not stated
  2. false
  3. false
  4. true
  5. not stated
  6. not stated
  7. false

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Exercise: The Colonel (Present Perfect)

I think I have had a very interesting life. I’m 73 now and I don’t work anymore. I was in the army for 51 years. I retired when I was 69. I have been to so many countries that I can’t remember all of them. I’ve been to Australia six or seven times and to South Africa three times. I have also been once to Russia but I didn’t like it at all: much too cold for me!

They say that love is the greatest thing and I agree. I’ve been married four times but never for more than five years. I don’t think women really understand me!

I’ve never been on television, but I’ve been on the radio once. It was a programme about life in the military about twenty years ago. I met the Prime Minister on the same day. Actually, I’ve met a lot of famous people: members of the royal family, famous politicians and also famous cinema and television personalities. I’ve never met the American President though which is a pity.

Because I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve seen a lot of wonderful things and have also eaten and drunk some strange foods and drinks. I ate cat and rat in India and drank something called Mirto on a little island in Italy many years ago.

  • What job __________ before retiring?
  • He worked in the army.
  • __________ he in the army?
  • For 51 years.
  • How many__________ been to Australia?
  • Six or seven times.
  • __________ like Russia?
  • No, it was too cold.
  • __________ married so many times?
  • Because women don’t understand him.
  • Has he ever__________ ?
  • Yes, he has. But never on TV.
  • When__________ the prime minister?
  • When he was on the radio.
  • Has__________ American president?
  • No, he hasn’t but he wants to.
  • Where__________ cat and rat?
  • In India.
  • __________ drunk Mirto?
  • Yes, he has. In Italy.