Cancelling and Postponing Classes

1. Cancellations or postponements of classes should be organised 24 hours BEFORE the class time – otherwise they will be charged at the normal rate. (Exceptions for emergencies will be made).

2. Cancelled classes need to be recouped within 4 weeks of the original class date.

3. A student is permitted 2 recoups. More cancellations will result in the classes being offered to other students from the same organisation.

4. If the homework has not been completed before class, the student will be given two options: either cancelling the class until the homework has been completed, or to have a conversation class. Cancelling the class will be charged at the normal rate.

5. The teacher will wait a maximum of 20 minutes to start the class. If the student is not present in the class, or has not signalled when they can begin the class, the class will be cancelled and charged at the full rate.