Reading: “Arkham Asylum” wins Award

The Batman video game “Arkham Asylum‟ has won top prize at Britain’s biggest gaming awards. The all-action superhero adventure picked up best game at the Bafta 2010 awards. Gamers can take on the role of Batman as he fights his traditional enemies in an asylum. It is only the seventh time Bafta has given the award. The best video game category only started in 2004. Bafta is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Its new award is to recognise “artistic, creative and technical innovation in video games”. Second place went to the shoot-em-up game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‟. This game won the Game award, voted for by gamers. Nintendo scooped the best family and social game with its Wii Sports Resort.
A special moment at the ceremony was when Bafta presented a lifetime achievement award to legendary game maker Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the creator of legendary games such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. He told the audience: “Our imaginations and creativity…should be the only limits and that is what makes our industry a joy and a dream to work in.” Miyamoto‟s words summed up the confidence shared by everyone in the industry. A British politician Tom Watson echoed Miyamoto as he handed out a prize. He said to games  designers: “You are going to be the dominant creative medium of this century.” Many designers believe they are showing a lot more creativity than Hollywood.


1. Discuss these keywords: Batman / gaming / awards / superhero / enemies / creativity / innovation / Nintendo / ceremonies / achievement / Super Mario / imaginations / confidence / Hollywood

2. Spend one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word “gamer‟.

3. TRUE / FALSE: Are these sentences true or false?
  1. A Batman video game scooped the top prize at a British awards show. T / F
  2. The Batman video game only has new enemies in it. T / F
  3. The Bafta awards for video games are now in their tenth year. T / F
  4. Nintendo won an award for one of its Wii games. T / F
  5. The maker of the Super Mario game got a special award. T / F
  6. Shigeru Miyamoto said working in the game industry is like a dream. T / F
  7. A British politician complained the awards show echoed too much. T / F
  8. Many designers believe Hollywood is more creative than gaming. T / F

4. Look at the words below and try to recall how they were used in the text:

top, role, category, artistic, voted, social, lifetime, creator, audience, summed, echoed, medium

5. Answer these questions
a) What did you think when you read the headline?
b) What springs to mind when you hear the word “gaming‟?
c) What do you think of video games?
d) How would your life be different if there were no video games?
e) Do you like the idea of an awards ceremony for video games?
f) What kind of people do you think work in the video game industry?
g) What is your favourite game and why?
h) What are the biggest differences between today‟s games and those that came out five years ago?
i) What‟s your favourite games console (and why)?
j) Would you like to play the new Batman game?
k) Did you like reading this article?
l) What do you think you have to do to get a lifetime achievement award?
m) What‟s the best game ever?
n) Would you like to work in the gaming industry?Why?
o) How creative are you?
p) How important is creativity?
q) Do you think movies or games are more creative?
r) Do you prefer to watch movies or play games? Why?
s) What will games of the future be like?
t) What questions would you like to ask Shigeru Miyamoto?

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