Activity: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

how-humans-and-animals-really-compare-in-speed-and-strength-_xsyg Sprinting / Running very fast

  • Usain Bolt is really fast
  • He can run at 27.5 MPH
  • A dog is faster than him.
  • An ostrich is faster than a dog.
  • The fastest animal is the cheetah.
  • A cheetah is faster than all the other animals.
  • The slowest in the group is Usain Bolt
  • Usain is slower than all the other animals.
  • An ostrich is slower than a horse.
  • An ostrich can run at 43 MPH.
  • A cheetah is not slower than any other animal.


Write sentences similar to the sentences for the Sprinting image. 

how-humans-and-animals-really-compare-in-speed-and-strength-_xsyh Swimming really fast
how-humans-and-animals-really-compare-in-speed-and-strength-_xsyf Jumping really far
how-humans-and-animals-really-compare-in-speed-and-strength-_xsye Lifting really heavy weights

Sprinting / Running