Making A Business Presentation in English

This outline provides a guide to giving a business presentation in English. Each section begins with the presentation section concerned, then the language formulas appropriate to giving a presentation. Finally, each section has important...


Audiobook (B1): The Hound of the Baskervilles

The death, quite suddenly, of Sir Charles Baskerville in mysterious circumstances is the trigger for one of the most extraordinary cases ever to challenge the brilliant analytical mind of Sherlock Holmes. As rumours of...


Audiobook (B1): Lorna Doone

One winter’s day in 1673 young John Ridd is riding home from school, across the wild lonely hills of Exmoor. He has to pass Doone valley – a dangerous place, as the Doones are...


Audiobook (A1): A Drive Into Danger

I can drive a truck,’ says Kim on her first day at work in the office. When Kim’s passenger Andy finds something strange under the truck things get dangerous – very dangerous.


Grammar: Gerunds After Prepositions

1. Gerund after prepositions that stand alone after: After having a shower, I waited for Steven. before: The tablet must not be taken before getting up in the morning. by: I manage it by working much longer than 40-hour weeks. in spite of: In spite of studying a...



MUCH MUCH  indicates a big quantity of an uncountable substance or element  (one that you can’t count). example: There’s so much snow on the roads at present… TOO MUCH If the quantity becomes too big (a negative opinion of the quantity), much is preceded...


Audiobook (B1): Psycho

Secretary Marion Crane is on the run after stealing $40,000 from her employer in order to run away with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis. She is overcome by exhaustion during a heavy rainstorm. Traveling on the...


Audiobook (B2.1) : Meet Me In Istanbul

This is Adventure thriller set in Turkey. Tom Smith flies to Istanbul to join his fiancée for a holiday. But Angela fails to meet him that evening as arranged and she is not at her...


Reading: Girl Scouts

BEC Vantage Reading Part 3 Read the text and then answer questions 1-6. The idea that a sales team can learn something from Girl Scouts will come as a surprise to many.  What has...


Listening Activity: Trains & Travel

First, listen to this audio file then complete the following activities   Activity 1 Match the vocabulary with the correct definition: platform  a small piece of paper to allow you to use a train or bus...